Everyone Is Into Coke (cola)

Econoline Rolls Into Cleveland

Ewoks Return In Clones

Eric Really Is Close

Eleven Robbies Invade Christian

Eventually Reality Intercepts Creativity

Electric Reindeers Incite Chaos

….Ok Robbie really named the band after the best drag Queen and super model/ super Friend Eric James. If you knew him you we’re treated to the best things in life. Eric was one of a kind much like the band itself. Eric started as Robbie’s lead singing vocals during Pamper shows… songs that didn’t make the album but, they were the songs Angie and Do you really want to hurt me, it’s a shame…. Nobody but, Robbie really knew if he was just kidding, pretty drunk, or really serious about his new project. at the end of Pamper Johnny and Christian and started practicing (I mean drinking) enough to book a full gig. It was special as Robbie is a true song writer… Took awhile before he could sing as well as you hear on the albums but it was super cool to witness. Robbie was like those songwriters that wait til they have to make it happen on their own (since Theresa was leaving pamper).Think of artists like David Grohl, Jimmy Page, He of course wrote all of the pamper and beautific smile songs with the band and tree. He is a monster guitar player but, can he put it all together? I only know that he was my friend and I somehow thought he had something special… I also thought that he only thought in music and if I didn’t do this band with him he would just drink himself silly. ( Ok, he probably did that anyway?)…. but, somehow I knew he had something….. We definately didn’t take over the crowds at first but, he was just always working on stuff. The best part of the band is that we just made rock n roll the way it should be… unedited and onstage.The two released albums are really great. Many people love em as I do. Even people skeptical of what Robbie could do? He like Theresa didn’t ever write a song that wasn’t perfect. The two are great song writers. this is all robbie with me pushing him to do something new. I love listening to these records… but of course I also play the shit out of the bass……he always told me to turn down and stop playing as many notes….. haha. I told him I would anytime I could but, I like what I like?……

Kent took over drums for second album and that pushed us into a more metal concept which was great since we were all metalhead 80s. Here his guitar playing and singing really went to a new place. I also explored a lot more rhythmical concepts with Kent’s amazing concepts of playing the drums like a small symphony (Neil Peart needs to be mentioned here). Christian is one of the most amazing musical drummers on the planet and always finds the perfect rock groove as you can hear on the first album. Kent let us go to another place. The third album (never released probably made the best new sound of alternative rock vs. meta) maybe someday I can release that?

I love that Robbie was always encouraging me to write whatever I wanted. I do think this part is the most important part of any artist journey… peer support not pressure. In the records you can hear me sing backup on first album and lead on the others. Each song is special to me. Alien I sound like Darth Vader with my lines and so creepy. in I’m Walking I just did a poem/rap like I did for V7… Ok that’s about the buzzard Beach haha…. Then on second Album I rapped Worlds Worst Roller skater….so enjoy a moment of Johnny opening his mouth…Robbie always encouraged me to keep going with this stuff…So like a good Irishman I blame him..

Here is the second album I hope you enjoy it. I super proud of this album. The title of the album is a book I was given that was how to learn to mind control others….it was an amazing leather bound book that had hand written notes inside from the original owner…. Yeah so I got that going for me…. the original cd designed by Marco Pascolini looked like a mini book of it…. and the inside had the hand written paper on it… something about how you are a god or something??? Still have the book but, as far I know I can’t control anyone mind as much as I could before I read the book and attempted the exercises (ok, I didn’t really do too many of them).