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Episode 1 Extras:

The comments below were taken from the facebook comments where it was streamed live. Reposted for those who are not on fb.

Lloyd Goldstein  · Congratulations Carolyn on everything you have accomplished and the joy you have been able to experience and share. Also to you Johnny. A wonderful gift.

Christian Paul Chesanek I will never forget seeing you play for François for the first time ? I am so proud and happy for you! Keep being an amazing person and keep making this world and your community a better place.

Etienne Lafrance Wonderful Carolyn!!!!! I wish you all the best in your projects! Time with you is fond memories:))

Hans Sturm A lovely tribute!! Wishing you the very best for your future – super exciting!!

Darrel Hunter (fellow bassists and Navy veteran)  I have always very much enjoyed, over the years, her growth as a musician and a person.  She is taking many unique qualities to the Navy, not the least of which is that she has the finest bow arm in the fleet.  I wish her smooth sailing!!!

Here are some other performances by C since we couldn’t get them all in the interview.

Here is her senior recital link. The beginning isn’t great camera work but the performances are wonderful. The Proto Pagaini piece is at the end. Johnny and Carolyn perform summertime and improvise on Canon in D in middle.


A solo concert early on in Carolyne’s bass career (on the smallest size bass 1/8th.

Playing for Francois for the first time at KCBassworkshop
Carlolyne’s first professional Bow by Gilles Duhaut
Carolyn and Johnny performing an improvised piece at a solo concert. Note: her 3/4 bass she used before she got her professional Anton Krutz 3/4 bass
After Johnny’s video game performance at ISB convention

First day Navy with her new running (cross country) mate Abbie.