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The group classes have helped us connect to each other and inspire each other. Please note: it’s a bit of a different time so please feel free to send me a text and jump into any group classes. Mon vol. 1 5-6 Tues vol. 2/3 6-7  6-7 Thurs vol. 3 and beyond. Anyone can drop into any class at anytime however, I usually do program the class with the students that come on a regular basis. Please if you are feeling a bit of a lull in your progress come to a few more classes (not just one) as something will happen to inspire you. We will have special guests coming to do masterclasses from time to time. 

Lesson information for new students

Johnny teaches all levels of bass players from ages 3 and up. Double Bass and Electric bass. Classical, Jazz, Rock, Funk, and all styles of music.

His studio is at 5304 Russell St. Mission ks 66202 (studio door is second one on driveway side). Lessons can be done online thru FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom.

Lessons are either 30 minutes or 60 depending on the level of the student. Main studio hours are 3-10 M-TH and 10am-5 Saturdays. All students should come to private lesson and a group lesson of their level each week. I also do morning lessons for those who are free at that time. Most lesson times are booked for year round.

There are four concerts per year. Two group concerts and two solo concerts.

All students are expected to attend the annual Summer Bassworkshop (see and We have a lovely Bassmas party in December.

My Office Phone # is (816) 305-7559 

Total cost for Bass lessons and Group are $109 half hour and $193 for hour lesson.

Lessons are $21.00 per half-hour
Bass Group Lessons are $25 per month (4 classes)

Yearly recital fee is $30 (this pays for the whole academic year (sept thru august). If you start in the studio not in this time frame each concert is $10 per student (i.e. you get a discount for the year)

(Note: the above price breakdown is for the ability to deduct this amount if a full month isn’t offered by studio. Any student not invested in group classes the lesson are $25 per 30 min.

All fees are due before the first lesson of the month
It is appropriate to give me 30 days notice of your final lesson and will be held responsible for payments.

Make-Up Lessons

The make-up lesson time must be made at the time when the lesson is canceled.
If no times are available you may contact me on a daily basis to check for openings.
A make-up lesson can only be given if my schedule allows.
Lessons missed without notice will not be re-scheduled and payment is expected.
All lessons cancelled by myself will be either made-up or credited to the next month. When there are 5 lessons in a month one will be taken off.
Note: I understand busy schedules and will try to be as flexible as possible, but I cannot make-up every lesson missed. The sooner you let me know you cannot make your lesson time the better your chance of rescheduling.

All students are required to take private lessons and participate in the group lessons. There are various levels to the classes and you will be informed of your level at the first lesson. The class fee is required even if you cannot attend in order to ensure that it can be there when you can make it. If my schedule doesn’t permit the class to meet 4 times per month please deduct $5 per class and $25 per 30 min private lesson from total month cost. We will have between 3-5 concerts per year. There is a yearly $25 yearly recital fee concert that is collected in the fall.

Practice: I teach all ages and levels of students and the exact amount of practice is different for each level. I believe that once happiness is found in playing music then natural practice will occur. Some discipline is necessary to form good practice habits therefore a clear understanding of what and how to practice should be formed in the lessons. The younger the student the more the parents should be involved in planning for practice.

The student will need to bring their bass, books (George Vance and Jamming on the bass), and notebook to each lesson. It is very important to practice with the recording at home. Other study

books and recordings will be recommended on an individual basis.

To confirm lesson policy agreements please email the following information to

Parents/adult student name

student name

Emails to contact you by and relation to student

phone number

street address

Please confirm in this email you agree to above policies regarding lessons.

Johnny teaches ages 3 and up and uses the George Vance Progressive Repertoire method which is founded on the Suzuki violin method and combined with Francois Rabbath Technique.

Johnny’s Teaching and the Bass Studio were featured on an episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. He felt it was a very great experience in reminding him the power of music in times of loss that his student Rob was enduring. Karamo who led the session mentioned music Therapy and everything fell into place. Johnny still gets a message from someone who just watched the episode…..Pretty fun stuff.

Johnny’s studio was added onto his home and is a perfect place for the sound of the bass, open wide room for learning, and plenty of room for smiles.

Johnny Has 2 large group concerts every year with his studio.